While electric vehicles are becoming more ubiquitous these days, electric bikes, on the other hand, have been a popular platform for commuters for quite some time now. There are so many makes and models to pick from, each with distinctive features. BREKR, meanwhile, positions its Model F as a straightforward city e-bike with chunky tires ideal for the city streets.

You’ll notice right away that this two-wheeler does not adopt a traditional frame layout. This fat tire opts for a unique design wherein the top tube and down tube are integrated into a single piece. Crafted out of aluminum, it holds most of the components and wiring for that clean and sleek aesthetic.

Additional tubes support the Model F assembly for reliable rigidity. While most electric bicycles opt for a step-through frame, this one does not. We don’t really consider it a dealbreaker, but others might have to look elsewhere. Instead of a suspension setup, the custom 22” wheels are shod in beefy tires to handle the brunt of the forces from rough surfaces.

BREKR likewise notes that the adjustable seat of the Model F is engineered to absorb shocks for additional comfort. The longer length of the saddle allows riders to accommodate a passenger if they want to. The removable battery slots underneath the diagonal tube of its frame with an option for an extended-range unit.

It powers a Bafang rear-wheel hub motor which packs enough output to help you reach up to 15 mph. A full charge is enough for up to 45 miles of pedal-assist riding. Your Model F uses a belt drive for longer maintenance-free operation. There are three riding modes available. BREKR reveals optional accessories will follow in the future.

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Images courtesy of BREKR