BRABUS is an established brand for aftermarket customizations of various luxury vehicles. The group loves to work on machines by Mercedes-Benz, but it also occasionally dabbles in other marques such as Porsche, Rolls-Royce, and others. Under the BRABUS Marine label, clients can commission watercraft like the latest Shadow 900 Stealth Green Signature Edition.

If you’re an avid follower of the German company, some details related to this new announcement should be familiar. So far, we’ve already featured two iterations of this silhouette in the past. This time, the luxurious day boat receives a new cosmetic revamp that will appeal to fans of military themes on their rides.

Our favorite remains the Black Ops Signature Edition for its blackout colorway. Nonetheless, the Shadow 900 Stealth Green Signature Edition is just as stylish. BRABUS Marine describes it as “a striking embodiment of uncompromising marine high-performance and modern outdoor lifestyle.”

Like it says, the Shadow 900 Stealth Green Signature Edition flaunts a paint job true to its namesake. Moreover, it sports a Signature Style livery with carbon fiber accents. Delivering even more contrast are the seats and sunbeds in Sunrise upholstery.

Clients can also opt for the Spyder, Sun-Top, or Cross Cabin configuration. For adrenaline-pumping cruises across open water, it draws power from two 4.6-liter Mercury Marine 450R four-stroke racing engines. You’re looking at a total output of 900 horsepower to help the Shadow 900 Stealth Green Signature Edition quickly hit 60 knots.

It measures 38 feet with an 11-foot beam. BRABUS Marine even outfits the sleek day boat with an aft cabin with a queen-size bed. The Shadow 900 Stealth Green Signature Edition is an ideal recreational vessel for owners who demand only the very best.

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Images courtesy of BRABUS Marine