If you have money to burn, what will you splurge on? Depending on personal interests, it could be on supercars, watches, jewelry, gadgets, or maybe a motorhome for the occasional outdoor escapade. Given a choice, we’d gladly sate our wanderlust and pick the Volterra and match it with a capable electric SUV or pickup truck.

In fact, we now have more eco-friendly options available to consider. However, there’s not that much when it comes to RVs and campers. We somehow stumbled upon a few like the LV Creative Studio from Living Vehicle and Special Edition Basecamp from Airstream x REI Co-op.

Bowlus adds to that list with its new upscale offering. First off, the shiny streamlined exterior gives off a retro vibe akin to that of Airstream travel trailers. Plus, the curvature of the front and rear sections of the Volterra makes it look like a fuselage of a classic passenger aircraft. The manufacturer claims it is the “world’s first production all-electric RV.”

Bowlus indicates a spaceframe chassis clad in a mirror-polished aluminum shell. The Volterra is packing a whopping 17 kWh battery system and an AeroSolar setup to harvest energy from sunlight. It uses monocrystalline Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact (PERC) technology.

These are supposedly more efficient by approximately 12 percent than regular photovoltaic cells. Not only can the Volterra recharge its battery bank, but it can also top up the towing EV. Enjoy lavish creature comforts within its volumes decked in real wood a vegan leather upholstery.

100% linen fabric is used for the duvet covers, throw pillows, and blankets. A 50-gallon freshwater tank equates to longer off-grid stays, while a two-burner induction cooktop is available for meal preparation. The Volterra will run you about $310,000.

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Images courtesy of Bowlus