SMS Studio makes the dream of waking up to the smell of pine scent and the sound of rustling trees a reality. Simon Montgomery and his team at SMS Studio designed the Bowen Island cabin just an hour from Vancouver, Canada. It sits among verdant tall trees on top of two granite bedrocks so as not to disturb the land. Perched on the rocks, it gives the illusion of being in the treetops. 

This is not your typical forest home. It’s no “little cabin in the woods” as its exterior itself is “modernist chic” with its black timber facade that mimics the surrounding tree trunks. It looks out to its natural surroundings via lots of glazing to make you feel like you’re in the forest. The tall glass windows also connect indoors to outdoors. The house also uses skylights on the roof to allow natural lighting to filter through the interiors from above.

The Bowen Island cabin has two bedrooms, a den, and a living space that all flow together, creating a small yet efficient floor plan. There’s a second building that serves as an office or studio area. Meanwhile, the kitchen uses Douglas fir and Western Red Cedar in the island and cabinetry and further wood touches to the built-in cabinets. 

The Bowen Island cabin blends in perfectly with its surroundings. Montgomery calls it a “house that really sits well within its location, it’s meant to be there with the site, and it disappears into the landscape.” SMS Studio only scraped trees that were in the building’s footprint so the house orients toward the sun. 

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Images courtesy of SMS Studio