Fiat made headlines a little over a week ago when it debuted the Topolino Dolcevita. Marketed as a two-seat EV its overall look seems appropriate for locations with a laid-back atmosphere. What we did not know is that the Italian furniture group Bonacina was in cahoots with Garage Italia Customs to develop a bespoke 500 Spiaggina.

If this collaborative project seems familiar, it’s because the duo also came up with a beach-ready powder blue/white open-top ride in 2018 to commemorate the model’s 60th anniversary. Despite the lack of any major milestone worth celebrating this 2023, the partnership between Bonacina and the customization outfit continues.

The Fiat 500 Spiaggina pays homage to the vintage aesthetics of the original town car that was launched in 1957. However, instead of coating it in any of the traditional colorways available at the time, it receives a summer pink paint job. At first glance, nobody would guess the donor vehicle behind its bright exterior.

Its vibrant hue spans almost the entire surface area of the compact machine, but it does welcome splashes of white and chrome to stylishly contrast the shade. Not to worry when the rain drops as a tarpaulin top supported by a folding roof frame keeps occupants nice and dry.

You won’t find regular padded seats here as the Bonacina Fiat 500 Spiaginna sports woven rattan chairs front and back. Clients can request to have their vehicle in any chromatic combination they want according to the shop. We will likely see creative one-offs in the future courtesy of this service.

With Garage Italia being an extremely creative company and Bonacina having so many different types of weave techniques and weaving materials, a fabulous window has opened up. There are several new scenarios for thinking about innovative seats, gadgets, and car modifications with different types of weaving options,” stated Bonacina CEO Elia Bonacina about the Fiat 500 Spiaggina in question.

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Images courtesy of Bonacina/Garage Italia Customs/Filippo Ferrarese