the Bomb Bar 2

There are certainly many ways to store your prized bottles of whiskey, gin or whatever you fancy, but this is one of the best we’ve seen in a while. Besides having a cool name, The Bomb Bar ($700,00) is a functional piece of furniture that allows you to display your booze, and pour yourself a drink whenever you feel like it.

Created by Oliver Apt.- a Canadian company that specializes in slightly unusual furniture and homeware products- each of these bars is crafted from a real military surplus ammunition crate, fitted with wallnut shelves and leather fixtures. Just like the Bomb Drinks Cabinet, the Bomb Bar is a stylish storage unit and a perfect conversation starter for your home, shop, office or secret hideout. These bad boys are a limited edition, so you’d better grab one fast!

the bomb bar 4

The Bomb Bar

The Bomb Bar 3