Those who like the design but not the spectrum finish of Boker’s Magnum Rainbow Mermaid Folder are in luck. The brand has carved out a more subdued version called the Tactical Mermaid Pocket Knife. This one comes in a black finish yet still has all the handsome features found in the original. 

This is an imaginative folder dedicated to these mystical ocean creatures. This version comes in a black stonewash finish to give it an older, mysterious appeal. The drop point blade is 440A stainless steel with a flat grind and plain edge yet still capable of carving out serious tasks. The blade is sized just right at 0.14″ thick, 1.25″ wide, and 3.78″ long. It opens via a flipper and locks in place via a jimped liner lock. 

Then you have the stainless steel handle that’s 5″ long, 0.53″ thick, and 1.05″ wide giving you a folder that’s an overall length of just 8.75″. That’s a good size folder that you can stash safely in your pocket or your bag. Boker’s Tactical Mermaid Pocket Knife even comes with a tip-down pocket clip for portability. But the best draw in this folder is the intricate theme details included on the surface.

Etched on the back of the blade is a highly detailed figure of a mermaid whose tail acts as the flipper tab. Meanwhile, the holes on the handle and the blade represent bubbles and the handles have fish scales for the textures. The scales, along with aggressive finger cutouts, provide a strong and secure grip on the handle. Moreover, Boker’s Tactical Mermaid Pocket Knife is not merely attractive and durable but also lightweight at just 6.7 oz.  

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Images courtesy of Boker