Even though studies are proving that shark attacks are nothing to worry about, we continue to fear these interesting fishes. We can’t help but look at them as nature’s killing machines, which is why people would rather see them dead. Like all living creatures, sharks are a crucial part of the ocean’s ecosystem. Hence, their drastic decline due to cullings and overfishing for their fins are a huge problem for conservationists. Nonetheless, a non-lethal solution is at hand with the Ocean Guardian BOAT01. This unique system actually uses the shark’s electroreceptors against it.

What we have here is a great device that can effectively ward off these predators. Research proves that electromagnetic fields can cause the fish’s sensory organs to go haywire. Instead of using chemicals, nets, and other harmful deterrents, the Ocean Guardian is relying on proven technology.

Earlier, Men’s Gear featured a wearable gadget that functions in a similar way, yet the range is somewhat limited. Meanwhile, the BOAT01 creates an electromagnetic field over 20-feet wide and 26-feet deep that is practically harmless to sharks.

So far, the only caveat that the Ocean Guardian BOAT01 has is battery life. The buoy’s built-in lithium battery is good for up to 12 hours of continuous protection. As long as you keep it connected to a compatible power supply, the Shark Shield Technology system will discourage any attack from happening. Now you and your friends can swim in peace even in the most shark-infested areas of the ocean. This is an awesome gadget to have on any vessel and is available in Safety Buoy Yellow and Luxury Silver Gray colors.

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Images courtesy of Ocean Guardian