There are a lot of perks that one gets to enjoy when you’re aboard a yacht. High-class accommodations, breathtaking views to die for, countless entertainment options, and all the cool aquatic toys at your disposal. When you’ve exhausted all the activities above water, head deeper below with the Super Sub from U-Boat Worx.

As many modern superyachts are now capable of hauling almost everything, owners can now add submersibles to the list. The Super Sub is for the wealthy who already own almost every mode of transport there is accessible commercially.

Why let researchers and conservationists have all the fun when you can deploy this watercraft and dive down as well. U-Boat Worx has been building reliable submersibles for quite some time now. The Super Sub is a recreational model that offers top-tier performance.

Speed and maneuverability are its most notable selling points. Up to three brave souls can ride this hydrodynamic transport to depths of almost 1,000 feet. The 62-kWh battery packs enough juice for up to 8 hours of underwater bliss. Enjoy an almost 360-degree view from the transparent acrylic hull.

Cruise leisurely beneath the waves or push on harder to reach speeds of up to 8 knots. The intuitive and innovative SHARC controller makes the Super Sub easy to operate. Safety features include a 96-hour life support system in case of an emergency.

Moreover, a safety buoy affixed to Dyneema Rope can be launched to mark its position. This likewise sends a signal to the mother ship. U-Boat Worx ensures it is equipped to keep passengers out of harm’s way. Better hit them up soon to get your own Super Sub ready for your next trip.

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Images courtesy of U-Boat Worx