Boa Squeeze Backpack By Booq

Made from the most durable water-repelling ballistic nylon, the Boa Squeeze Backpack($130,00) is not only practical (impressive carrying capacity!), it also looks super sleek. With a contoured design and polished lines, this lightweight bag fits a 13-15″ Mac/PC and it has a bunch of pockets for other accessories. It also features an opened mesh(your back won’t get sweaty), high quality YKK zippers and a very soft interior herringbone fabric(made from long-lasting nylon). Plus, it comes with a Terralinq serial number, a device that will help you recover your backpack, in case you loose it.

If you want a long lasting, well-made backpack that will protect your gear and doesn’t look like every other backpack on the market you will want to check this bag out!


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Boa Squeeze Backpack By Booq 9


Boa Squeeze Backpack By Booq 4


Boa Squeeze Backpack By Booq7

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