Although Germany’s BMW is best known for their long line of prestigious automobiles, the company itself has been at the forefront of the electric bicycle movement. Continuing with the development and evolution of the e-bike is BMW’s sleek new Active Hybrid pedal-assist bike.

The Active Hybrid has a 504 Wh battery powering the 250W motor cunningly hidden away in the hydroformed aluminum frame so that the bike maintains the clean lines of a traditional pedal bike but with the option of switching the electric motor on or off at will as the situation demands. Outputting just enough electricity to provide a 62-mile pedal-assisted range and 66 ft-lbs of torque, the BMW Active Hybrid falls within the street-legal limits of most countries around the world.

The rider can choose between four power modes through the handlebar grip controller. It also has USB devise charging and Bluetooth connectivity. The battery is tucked into the frame and can easily be removed for charging or safekeeping if you need to take it with you.

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