BLUETTI is giving you more reasons to stock up on their portable power stations or entice someone to get one with their exciting new offer: BLUETTI E-Gift Card.  Planning to give someone one of their powerful generators but don’t know which one to pick? Then you can simply give them the card and let them choose for themselves.

The BLUETTI E-Gift Card gives you a comfortable and easier shopping experience and saves you money on your purchases too in BLUETTI online store. As James Ray, Marketing Director of BLUETTI said, “When it comes to presents, recently a lot of people prefer to buy a gift card than other conventional gifts. We roll out this new BLUETTI E-Gift Card to ensure the recipients are flexible to buy a gift they’ll really treasure while helping to prevent unwanted presents from ending up as landfills.” 

Benefits At a Glance


This is a virtual gift card and not a physical one. It is available only for purchase online at  Customers can use it to buy power banks, solar panels, power stations, expansion battery packs, accessories, and more.  You can purchase the BLUETTI E-Gift Card for others and gift it to them using the Gift Code.

The good thing is the card does not have an expiration date so they’re valid for life. Likewise, you can purchase multiple cards at the same time. There are also no hidden charges so you will only have to pay the value of the card. You can choose according to its designated value of $999, $2,000, $3,000, $5,000, $6,000, or $8,000. First-time purchasers will get $20 off with an order of $1000+.

Customers can pay through various methods including VISA, Master Card, Google Pay, and more. The BLUETTI E-Gift Card also supports installment payments so customers can buy it anytime they want when they have the money for it.

As an added perk, the BLUETTI E-Gift Card even helps existing customers advance their VIP Tier when they earn BLUETTI BUCKS for every card purchase. Get double the BLUETTI BUCKS when you purchase the card and redeem it. Discounts are also available for exclusive VIPs depending on their tier.

How To Redeem BLUETTI E-Gift Card


Once purchased online, buyers will receive an email with the details by clicking on the “View Gift Card” to check the value and Gift Code. You use the code at the checkout page of your online purchase of BLUETTI products and the value of the card will be deducted from the total purchase order until it reaches zero.

If the order amount exceeds the card value, then you can pay the difference using ab additional payment method as the checkout page indicates. If the amount of the order is less than the balance, the rest will remain on the card for future use. The unused balance will be updated after each purchase and will continue to be deducted from the BLUETTI E-Gift Card until it reaches zero. Unfortunately, the card is not loadable so customers would have to buy another card.

Helpful Reminders


The BLUETTI E-Gift Card is not redeemable at BLUETTI resellers, crowdfunding platforms, or for cash, and no resale, refunds, or exchanges, except as required by law. BLUETTI also reserves the right to change any terms and conditions regarding the E-Gift Card. For assistance, contact

Customers are also warned of gift card scams so it’s best to keep the Gift Code private and never display it to someone you don’t know as this could result in stealing or potential loss. BLUETTI will not replace the BLUETTI E-Gift Card in this case.