The Blanc Flare shirt keeps you warm in cold temperatures. This wearable features a simple design yet uses high technology to provide your body with warmth.

This shirt uses a patented and lightweight carbon fiber heating technology that quickly heats up to provide you with hours of heat. Its heating mechanism runs on a 6000mAH battery pack with a power button on the lower side of the shirt. The button’s strategic location prevents accidental activation.

The Blanc Flare shirt can be worn on its own or as an undershirt. Although, wearing it alone already feels like you have on multiple shirts. The heating temperature can be adjusted according to personal preference so it doesn’t overheat. It features three warmth modes: high, medium, and low. The high offers 2 hours of warmth, whereas the medium and low 3.5 and five hours, respectively.

The power bank displays the power level in percentage while the power button shows the color indicator for each warmth mode. White is for the low-temperature setting, for when you need a little extra warmth, orange for the medium temperature, and red for when you need furnace-like heat during camping, climbing, or trekking during icy weather conditions.

The use of carbon fiber makes this shirt durable, flexible, lightweight, and most importantly, fully washable, so you can reuse it plenty of times. It even features a quick-dry interior fabric and pockets to store small items.

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Photos Courtesy of Blanc