Ever since Eddie Munson shredded Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” on the guitar in Stranger Things season four, there has been an upswing of interest surrounding the American heavy metal group. For example, Pro-Ject created a limited-edition turntable. This time, it’s the band’s turn to treat their fans to something special. This is the Blackened Cask Strength and its packs a punch.

In essence, this combination of rye whiskeys and straight bourbon is like remastering a hit album. Just as the audio quality improves, the spirit in question here takes the original expression to a whole new level. The release of Cask Strength follows the launch of Metallica’s eleventh studio album – 72 Seasons – which dropped on April 14, 2023.

Aside from the bolder blend, Blackened plans to distribute the whiskey in several so-called “volumes.” From what we can gather, enthusiasts must not miss out on every variant as each delivers a distinct ABV rating and flavor profile. So far, the distillery lists Volume 01 at 122.85 proof, Volume 02 at 122.09 proof, and Volume 03 at 122.3 proof.

Meanwhile, details pertaining to Volume 04 are yet to be officially announced. According to Blackened, the Cask Strength has aromas of toffee, vanilla wafer, maple sugar, rolled oats, and fig. Each sip unleashes notes of vanilla creme, walnut, and caramel. Finally, hints of cinnamon spice, ancho chili, and brown sugar linger in your mouth.

More details regarding the Cask Strength reveal that the spirit is non-chill filtered and aged in brandy casks. “We sonically-enhance our whiskeys to extract more flavor from the finishing casks, using a patent-pending scientific process co-developed by the sound engineers at Meyer Sound, a global leader in sound technology,” writes Blackened Whiskey.

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Images courtesy of Blackened Whiskey