Heavy metal icons Metallica have been mainstays in the music scene for quite some time now. In fact, the sudden surge of interest brought about by the fourth season of Netflix’s smash hit series Stranger Things places the group in the spotlight yet again. Fans who crave more should secure a bottle of their BLACKENED Limited Edition 72 Seasons Batch.

If you snapped up their eleventh studio album which dropped a few months ago, then its whiskey namesake needs to be in your hands right away. Even the vessel holding the spirit itself would make an awesome showpiece to remind people of your distinctive musical tastes. Trust us, this is not your average cash grab.

Metallica likely understands how fickle whiskey enthusiasts are when it comes to quality. Therefore, they have called on the talents of the renowned expert Dave Pickerell to curate their blends. With the aforementioned master distiller, blender, and consultant still behind their latest expression, it’s guaranteed to be just as outstanding.

The distillery cites a nose of honey, oak, and burnt caramel, with notes of mint, clove, cinnamon, dark fruit, maple, butterscotch taffy, and honey. A sip finishes slightly creamy, smooth, and long. Similar to BLACKENED’s older releases, the Limited Edition 72 Seasons Batch undergoes a special method they call Black Noise.

By blasting the black brandy casks with tracks from Metallica’s new album at full volume, they’re enhancing the aging process. Perhaps some of you have already sampled their previous outing – the BLACKENED Cask Strength Volume 01 – and found it delightful, which is why the Limited Edition 72 Seasons Batch is also a must-buy.

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Images courtesy of BLACKENED