For those who really don’t like to sleep, coffee has just crowned a new king. Black Insomnia ($16) out of South Africa now holds the title of the most caffeinated java. With 702 mg per 12 Oz cup, Black Insomnia beats out #2 Death Wish Coffee and its “mere” 660 mg per cup.

For those who might still be concerned with taste instead of jitter, Black Insomnia is a medium roast blend of coffee beans from Brazilian, Guatemalan, Ecuadorian and Rwandan producers. This proprietary blend gives smooth, nutty flavor with caramel overtones.

You still need to be careful, or at least reasonable with this mean bean. It would take only 15 cups to kill a 160-pound man! Black Insomnia plans on conquering the American coffee market with their superpowered drink, selling it in Whole Bean, Ground, and Nespresso pods, so you can get your jolt in any form. Now chronic insomniacs will be able to stay up all night or die trying!