A woodfire sauna is best enjoyed while gazing out at the natural beauty of the great outdoors. This is the essence of the BIVAKSAUNA, by BIVAK Studio. It’s a mobile sauna that stands on slender legs made from recycled construction industry waste and is clad in CTL to make it not just portable but also sustainable.

This is a prefabricated sauna with a structural system comprising layer-glued pine CTL panels left exposed. Its facade is then treated with linseed oil by firing to make it resistant to insects and the weather and to achieve natural insulation and ventilation in the interior. The legs used to give the structure its mobility and stability also used discarded spacers previously used for slab formwork and concreting.

The BIVAKSAUNA can accommodate eight people at once and can easily be towed by a trailer without needing a crane. It is also easy to install on-site by no more than two people in a span of an hour sans the need for special construction methods. It also does not need a building permit as its size and weight comply with the towing rules of the European road section.

Being mobile means you can set it up in both rural or urban settings, be it by the seashore, in the forest, near a lake, or anywhere you see fit. The construction also incorporated a double-layer glass wall on one side so you can enjoy the scenery while sauna bathing. It relies on firewood to heat the stove and a metal ladder leads to the entrance door.

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Images courtesy of BIVAK Studio