Italy-based architecture studio BCW Collective designed a cabin cantilevered on a rock slab 2528 meters above sea level called Bivacco Brédy. It is a tiny cabin located in Italy’s Vertosan Valley, a mountain district in the Avise municipality of Valle d’Aosta. 

This mountain hut is a family tribute to Claudio Brédy, a local politician and Alpinist, who died at the age of 54 during a mountain excursion in 2017. It has two massive windows that overlook the rocky views beyond specifically the Grivola and Gran Paradiso mountains. The glass window also opens the cabin to the natural morning light, great sunrise and sunset views, and views of the starry sky at night.

Given the isolated nature of its rocky topography, Bivacco Brédy had to be entirely prefabricated on the valley and then brought on-site via helicopter trips. Assembly took just a few days with minimal impact on the environment thanks to its flexible structure. The anchor points of the metal frame foundation allow the hut to easily adapt to uneven ground, and to anchor directly to the rock. 

Meanwhile, pale timber marks the interior design and there are two large windows that create a sense of being in harmony with the natural surroundings. There are six bunk beds, a desk, a bookshelf, a window seat, and an entrance area with built-in storage space.

Bivacco Brédy opens south toward the valley to maximize solar gain which provides the hut with its power. Then there’s the light yet durable pre-finished aluminum cladding in dark rock grey. It covers the insulated, wood-framed walls to help store heat for the cold months and make the interior comfortable.  

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Images courtesy of BCW Collective