Despite what industry pundits have to say about virtual reality and augmented reality platforms, these are more accessible than ever before. What used to be sold at premium price points has now become more affordable even for casual users. As technology advances, manufacturers can shrink the physical footprint of their headset – just like the Beyond.

If you think the Meta Quest Pro is the smallest one out there, Bigscreen’s latest VR unit is clearly ahead of the game. As such, the company claims its product is currently “the world’s smallest VR headset.” Moreover, unlike your typical one-size-fits-all approach, it requires buyers to submit their face scans.

This allows the team to fabricate a custom face cushion for top-notch comfort with zero light leakage. These snap onto your Beyond VR headset via magnets, which is preferable over plastic locking tabs. So far, working prototypes are already in the hands of some reviewers and the feedback is mostly positive.

However, do keep in mind that the personalized cushion has its caveat. It means sharing the Beyond with another user may be out of the question at this point. Bigscreen manages to keep the weight at only 127 grams even with the strap and other accessories in place. As for the visuals, it uses micro OLED displays which filter through three-element pancake lenses.

The Beyond delivers a total of 5120 x 2560 pixels with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. Another downside to consider is the smaller field of view which is at 90° vertical and 93° horizontal. Although it comes with stereo microphones, the audio strap is an optional add-on. This means we need to hook up our USB-C headset instead. Nevertheless, it’s not exactly what we would call a dealbreaker.

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Images courtesy of Bigscreen