Power interruptions are common occurrences in our daily lives. Even the richest of cities get blackouts and power outages. In situations like these, either you rely on the traditional candlesticks or go high-tech with power generators. But when you think about sustainability, you don’t want to go with those powered by gasoline. Instead, you want one that ensures environmental protection just like the BigBlue Cellpowa500 power station.

It boasts high energy efficiency with its use of the durable and high-quality LiFePO4 battery that guarantees you a lifetime of use. The battery retains 80% of its original capacity after 2000 full charge cycles to ensure you have more than enough power supply to last you for more than four years.

Plus, a 537.6Wh pure sine wave output is really efficient when it comes to charging your most-used home appliances and gadgets. Let’s get to the basics then of what makes this power station a great choice for homeowners and even small business operators.

Powerfully Versatile


Whether you’re a home buddy or an outdoor enthusiast, you can benefit from the BigBlue Cellpowa500. It features multiple ports for all your charging needs at home or on the go. It has two 120W USB-C adapters, two 500W AC ports, and one 120W cigarette lighter adapter. This power station also has a couple of fast-charging 36W USB-A ports and two 60W DC5.5mm connectors.

These are really more than enough to support most small to medium-sized appliances and portable gadgets. You can use it on a rice cooker three times, a car refrigerator for ten hours, and ran a CPAP machine for 20 hours. Amazingly, it can even power a fan for 20 hours, run your TV set for nearly 8 hours, and your light for roughly two days. You don’t have to skip work as the BigBlue Cellpowa500 can power your laptop and smartphones for a good 7.5 and 36 times, respectively.


Recharging is also a breeze with the availability of two 60W USB-C PD ports and one 96W AC adapter. You can use all ports simultaneously for a fast reload of 2.8 hours but with the wall socket alone you can get to full charge at a max of 7 hours.

The BigBlue Cellpowa500 is likewise great as an outdoor power backup with its accompanying 120W ETFE Solarpowa solar panel. It features a waterproof output port and gets your power station ready after 6.5 hours of sun exposure. Plus, the added convenience of the LCD screen lets you monitor the charging and recharging process.

Safety Guaranteed


Aside from it being non-toxic, the BigBlue Cellpowa500 also ensures safety during operation. Backed with the company’s rigorous safety design philosophy, it runs on an intelligent battery management system (BMS). This protects it from overheating, over surges, overcharges, and more. The battery does not explode even when exposed to the harshest situations. It will remain stable in freezing or hot temperatures between 0°C to 45°C.

Conveniently Portable

Some power stations can be a hassle to lug around because of their heft and size. Not the BigBlue Cellpowa500 with its compact measurement of just 28.7 x 20.8 x 20.8 cm. It is also a lighter load at merely 7.8 kilograms. Best of all, it comes with much-needed carrying handles for portability. You can carry it via the built-in telescopic handle for one-handed transport. Another would be with the side handles for a better grip.

If you’re in the market for a portable, reliable, and efficient power station for both indoor and outdoor use, then the BigBlue Cellpowa500 is up for grabs for an early-bird price of $299.99. The Solarpowa solar panel is also at a crowdfunding fee of just $189, This is cheaper than any of its kind.

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About BigBlue

BigBlue was founded in 2015. Since our establishment, we have been committed to developing energy storage products with better performance, newer design, and higher safety factor, until today our team has more than 200 people, including more than 100 people in our R&D team.

Until last December, our R&D team began to study power stations and drew the first sketch of Cellpowa 500. And now we are creating an even more powerful portable power station that will reach an unprecedented 2500Wh capacity.

In the future, we look forward to combining portable power stations with solar panels to create mobile solar generators and home backup power wall, making green and clean energy available everywhere.

In addition, we are keen to contribute to social rescue operations, and hope our products can bring energy to those who have suffered disaster!

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