American brand Bestcase celebrates the rawness and functionality of aluminum with the Foundation bar stool. Designed by co-founder Charles Constantine, it debuted in 2022 as part of a collection built from aluminum sheet material. 

It’s a minimalist yet sturdy furniture built using simple manufacturing techniques. It is made using scaled-up sheets that were bent via a technique traditionally used to add structure to thinner materials. This helped bring out the structural and decorative qualities of aluminum and its strength while preserving its aesthetic value.

The Foundation bar stool is then completed with mechanical connections and treated with either powder-coated color or a raw satin waxed aluminum finish. The outcome is a sleek and simple design without the added frills. 

Bestcase describes the stool as “an exercise in simplicity” and one that celebrates the material properties of aluminum. It offers versatile functionality with its customizable height, depth, and width. Users can have the option to add cushioning or upholstery to the seat, the backrest, or the overall framework to make it more comfortable to sit on. Although, its raw beauty is sure to shine through in any setting.

The Foundation bar stool can be used in any setup whether in the dining room, at the kitchen island, or when you’re entertaining guests in the living room. It’s a stylish and functional seating solution and one that doesn’t take up a lot of floor space. It measures 16” x 16” x 30” and is currently available in waxed aluminum, black powder coat, mottled nickel (plated), and brass plated finish.

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Images courtesy of Bestcase