The Japanese love tradition, and that tradition includes pocket knives. The Higonokami knife was first created in 1894 and was such an excellent blade that it became a beloved tool for most of the next century. Now the utilitarian lifestyle brand Best Made is working with Miyamoto Manufacturing Co. to produce a new series of this popular traditional knife for the modern day.

The new Best Made Higo Knife ($38-$88) comes in three sizes to suit a wide variety of uses. These folding knives feature hand-hammered laminated white steel blades that have a tough Shirogami carbon steel core. The blades are encased in polished brass handles with the Brand engraved on one side and the word “COURAGE” on the obverse.

The hinge tab helps with ease of opening and locking the blade in place. The Best Made Higo knife does require a small amount of maintenance but the time spent will be well worth it as this slim tool serves you across the years.