Best Made continues to bless the world with their unique and beautiful objects of art that maintain a practical twist. Latest in their line of world-thrilling devices is the new version of their Compact Weather Station ($148).

This German-crafted weather reading station uses an aneroid-capsule barometer to gauge the pressure of the air while a bimetallic dial thermometer keeps you informed of the temperature. The mechanical coil hygrometer accurately displays the humidity of the air. Combined, the readings help the hand show probable future weather at a glance.

The Best Made Compact Weather Station is about 5″ in diameter by 1 1/2″ thick and can be wall-hung or situated on a desk or shelf. The distinguished brass case is topped by a mineral glass cover and can be adjusted for elevation, although, regrettably, cannot be used above 3,000 feet above sea level. So if you find yourself on White Butte Mountain in North Dakota, sorry, you can’t use this device. For the rest of you living closer to the sea, this handy, 100% analog tool easily lets you make your own weather predictions and forecasts.