Nothing makes me happier than seeing my “of the month” box arrive on my doorstep, and digging in to see what sort of goodies it holds. So of course I was thrilled when I heard about Bespoke Post’s “monthly box of awesome”.

Now, I’ll say my standards for what is “awesome” tend to be pretty high, so there was no way I’d just take them at their word. I had to give it a try and rate the awesomeness level for myself. In this Bespoke Post review, I’ll take you on a journey through their subscription boxes so you can know for sure whether they’re worth your money.

My Bespoke Post Verdict

Don’t have the time to read the whole article? Here’s a quick look at what you need to know:


  • checkLots of customization options
  • checkFun and creative themes to choose from
  • checkHigh-quality products
  • checkSelect your box before it ships—that way, you always get exactly what you want
  • checkAlso includes one-off standalone purchases (great for gift options!)
  • checkPeerless customer service


  • cross-alt“Free Shipping” doesn’t apply to Hawaii and Alaska (only Canada and Continental U.S.)
  • cross-altSome products may be priced higher than their actual value
  • cross-altA lot of waste generated by the (sometimes excessive) packaging

About Bespoke Post

When Bespoke Post first popped up on my radar, I was intrigued. After all, I love anything “bespoke”—meaning custom-made, or in this case, custom-chosen by me.

Then I checked out their website, and the first thing I saw (their tagline) hooked me:

Themed boxes for people who give a damn.

Okay, yeah you got me. I like to think I give a damn. So of course I wanted to know more.

I looked on their “About” page, and loved their explanation:

In the beginning, Bespoke Post was just the two of us (Rishi and Steve): finding products we loved, packing orders, and shipping ’em out by hand. A few sleepless nights, 10 years, and 60 more employees later, we’re still growing.

But our goal’s the same: to cut through the noise so you don’t have to, seek out products with heart and soul, and guide you to lead a more discerning life. Or at least just make you smell really good.

The more I dug into their monthly subscription boxes and learned about what they had to offer, the more interested I became. It’s clear the company has a you-first mindset, with quality customer service, products you can love, and a high standard of excellence for everything they include in their boxes.

After seeing that, I knew I had to try them out for myself!

Below, I’ll share my experiences with a few of their boxes—including the Chill, Tune, Refresh, Aged, and what turned out to be my absolute favorite, Flip. Some of these are the “popular” boxes that sell out quickly, but some of the less-popular options I chose ended up being the ones I loved best.

And that’s one of the things that really hooked me about Bespoke Post from the get-go. I was able to choose the themed box of the month, or just skip it altogether if the products included didn’t work for me.

It’s a real “take it or leave it” approach that A) saved me money (I didn’t end up paying on the months I skipped the boxes) and B) delivered a lot of custom-chosen products right to my doorstep.

It’s safe to say that I’m a Bespoke Post fan, and I think that once you read my review below, you will be, too!

Bespoke Post Chill Review

Images courtesy of Bespoke Post

I was pretty thrilled that Chill was one of the options I was presented on the first month I tried a subscription box. With the weather turning warm and lake days just around the corner, I was excited by the idea of bringing a brand new badass cooler bag with me on my floating, kayaking, and paddleboarding trips.

A few days later, as I’m coming home after a gym session, there on my doorstep sits this beautiful powder-blue box with the words “Bespoke Post” emblazoned on it in bold letters. Oh yes, I got excited!

I dumped my gym bag in the corner, kicked off my shoes, and quickly pulled open the box. Inside, I beheld the masterpiece that was to be my next lake-day-trip cooler bag.

The Daytripper Cooler Bag by Wren has a 22-liter capacity, enough to fit eight bottles of wine or 24 cans. I managed to fit 4 wine bottles and 13 cans with enough ice to keep everything cold for the hours I was out on the water kayaking.

The bag claims to be able to keep your cans/bottles cold for a minimum of 8 hours (but up to 14, according to their testing). I know that after six hours of driving, setting up camp, and kayaking, when I came back in and pulled open the bag to grab a beer, it was still as cold as when I pulled it out of the fridge.

I was very impressed by the quality of the Daytripper Cooler Bag. It felt very solidly made, using heavy-duty tarp-grade vinyl for the exterior and a rubberized base that prevented scuffs and scratches when one of my kids dragged it across the rocky beach. The polyester seat belt webbing shoulder strap and carry handle both struck me as being durable, too, able to handle a lot of wear and tear.

One very cool feature: the cooler bag comes with a built-in sheath to fit a bottle opener. So of course Bespoke Post had to include a stylish bottle opener in their Chill box!

The bottle opener is made using high-grade stainless steel, with a very low profile that makes it easy to tuck in your cooler bag (or backpack, pouch, or purse) but still highly effective. It’s the sort of “speed opener” that bartenders and mixologists around the country love.

Unfortunately, I’m not quite as trained in the use of this tool, so it took me a few tries to get my Corona open. When I did, I made a bit of a mess (I got the twist and lift part all wrong!).

Thankfully, it wasn’t too hard to master the speed open, and now I use this little bottle opener around my house anytime I want to crack open a cold brew.

Together, the combination of the Daytripper Cooler Bag and the Stainless Steel Bottle Opener proved to be excellent value for my monthly subscription. Given the bag’s durability and versatility, I anticipate many more happy summers of enjoyment ahead!


Bespoke Post Tune Review

The Tune box wouldn’t have been my first choice, but of the options I was presented in my second month, it was the only box that struck me as useful, so I went with it.

And boy was I glad I did!

There are three items packed inside the box:

Stargazing Air Fragrance Cards

These are car fragrance cards that you hang over the mirror, or anywhere in your RV or camping van. The smell of sandalwood, vetiver root, and mandarin turned out to be surprisingly delightful, bringing a freshness that I loved. It reminded me of the nights I used to spend sitting out in my backyard as a kid stargazing—so I totally understood why the fragrance was given this appropriate name.

It lost its scent after about 2 weeks (not 3, as it claims), but it was wonderful while it lasted.

Embroidered Patch Keychain by Three Potato Four

These are cute (if mostly unnecessary) little trinkets. They’re basically embroidered natural cotton patches on a metal ring that you can attach to your key ring or luggage to personalize your travel gear.

I like to keep my key ring as free of clutter as possible, so I ended up placing my keychains on my luggage. As I said, they were cute but didn’t really serve my purpose. 

Wanderlust Travel Speaker

This is what I chose the Tune box for! I’m a total audiophile, addicted to collecting the best headphones, earbuds, and speakers of all shapes and sizes.

(Seriously, I’ve got a pair of headphones for work, a pair of Bluetooth earbuds for the gym, another pair for snowboarding and water sports, and three backup pairs of wired earbuds just in case I run out of battery life. And I’ve got two home sound systems—one in the living room and one in the kitchen—as well as four Bluetooth speakers to take to lakes, parties, hangouts, and camping trips.)

What hooked me about the Wanderlust Travel Speaker was its size and portability. At 3.75 inches long and wide and just 1.5 inches thick, it’s a smaller, more compact speaker than any I own (similar to the JBL Clip), so I wanted to give it a try.

Though it fit into the palm of my hand, I was impressed by its volume and large sound. I used it at a backyard BBQ with my in-laws, and it filled the entire patio (12 x 24) with crisp, clear sound. It also made for an awesome shower, echoing my favorite upbeat tunes (Five Finger Death Punch, in this case) through the bathroom and turning it into an impromptu rock concert.

The 3W 40mm drivers deliver excellent sound, with surprising clarity and good balance between the mids and highs. Obviously, a speaker so small won’t max out the bass, but it handled the lows of my EDM playlist with surprising ease.

It uses Wi-Fi 5.0 and an AUX cord to connect to my phone as well as Bluetooth, and with three hours of battery life (closer to 3:15, according to my test), it’s versatile enough to take anywhere. It can also be used as a speakerphone to answer/make calls, or switched onto FM radio.

All things considered, I was happy with my box!


Bespoke Post Refresh Review

I got lucky with the Refresh box. It was offered to me in my third month and I took it, but when I went back to try and buy it again later (that’s how much I liked it!), it was sold out. Evidently, it’s one of the most popular boxes and tends to sell out quickly.

The Refresh box is basically an all-in-one Dopp kit, including everything I could need to keep my hair, beard, face, teeth, and skin in beautiful condition.

(Fun Fact: The name “Dopp kit” came from the early 20th century, when leather craftsman Charles Doppelt designed the first leather toiletry case, which were issued to U.S. military in both World War I and World War II.)

The very first thing I saw when I opened the Refresh box was the beautiful kit itself. I’ve always been a fan of the full-leather Dopp kits (leather just lasts longer and gets more handsome as it develops a patina with age), but I was intrigued by the idea of going canvas instead of leather.

It’s a decision I’ve been absolutely happy with! The canvas is much less prone to damage, has natural water-resistance (thanks to the coating used to finish the cotton fabric), and weighs less than a leather Dopp kit. Best of all, it also folds down a lot smaller when empty, so I can tuck it away in a drawer or my suitcase and only pull it out when I travel.

The heavyweight 15-ounce waxed canvas (sourced from family-run American mills) is sturdy but beautifully smooth to the touch. I liked the Stoic Gray color option, but it also comes in Dark Navy, Rustic Olive, and Light Tan.

The details are beautiful, including full-grain leather pull tab and handle, brass rivets and zipper, and the Blue Claw ballistic nylon lining that gives the interior a very classy look. From the first moment I held it and opened it, the Dopp kitt felt very well-made, crafted with a lot of love and attention to detail.

The Refresh box included a few other useful items:

Aside from the few minor quibbles I mentioned above, I’m pleased as punch with the Refresh box. It’s one I’d absolutely order again next time they’re in stock.


Bespoke Post Aged Review

When I first read what the Aged box was all about, I couldn’t believe it. The idea that some random product could actually “age up” my whiskey (turning a $25 bottle of Scotch into one that tastes like a $60 bottle) sounded both amazing and a bit far-fetched.

So of course that was the box I chose for the month! I had to test it out for myself and see if it actually worked.

The concept behind the Black Swan Barrels Cocktail Aging Kit is that the charred honeycomb white oak barrel staves will infuse that smoky, rich oakiness into your liquor, giving it the depth and complexity that makes the best Scotches and bourbons so enjoyable.

First thing I did when I got the Aged box: I cracked open a new bottle of Scoresby Very Rare Blended Scotch Whisky (retails for $16.99). This Scotch has been classified as a “light-bodied whisky”, with minimal flavor, a sweet grassiness, and a general mildness that Scotch-drinkers tend to steer clear of.

With my Scotch freshly opened, I poured it into the provided bottle (which holds 375 ml, or roughly half the bottle of whisky), added in one of the two oak staves, and corked it up. Then it went on a shelf to sit for the recommended 8-10 days. (Given I had used a cheap, light Scotch, I actually let it sit for 12 days, just to be safe).

When I poured myself a glass of my “newly aged” Scotch, I could actually taste the oakiness. It wasn’t very strong, not deep or complex enough to overwhelm the whisky’s existing (less-than-pleasant) flavors, but it was there.

According to Bespoke Post, this kit is best used on unaged liquors—including vodka, gin, and white rum. I, of course, had to run some tests of my own, and found that with these white unaged liquors, the staves really did infuse a warm, oaky flavor that made for some delightfully delicious cocktails.

I ended up using the one oak stave on six different bottles (it’s recommended to use 4-6 times), and every time it really did infuse my liquor with the flavor, as it claimed. It’s a gift I now give to all my alcohol-loving friends!

Also in the Aged kit: The two Cupa-Rocks Cocktail Tumblers by Sempli are very classy, with a unique design that naturally swirls your liquor every time you set it down, pick it up, or roll it around the table. It’s not just eye-catching—it’s also excellent for bringing more oxygen into your wine, whiskey, or cognac, opening up greater depth and complexities with every sip.

The glasses are hand-blown using lead-free Italian crystal. It’s modern-looking and ultra-stylish—a great option to serve to dinner guests or even just for a night staying in and sharing a drink with my wife.


Bespoke Post Flip Review

I’ll admit it: I’m a knife guy.

I’ve got a Leatherman I use every day around my house, a cutter blade that’s handy for home improvements, and a backup Buck knife for pretty much anything I need. And that’s on top of my extensive collection of kitchen knives and swords (decorative and functional for HEMA training)!

So yes, when I was offered the Flip box, I totally jumped at the chance to add a gorgeous new knife to my collection.

The knife included in the Flip box is made by Rill Simple Tools, a new-to-me brand based out of Texas. There’s not a lot of information about them available online, so all I could judge them by was the quality of their blade.

Right out of the box, I could tell their knife was painstakingly crafted with great attention to detail. The Folding Damascus Knife is made using 1095 15N20 Damascus steel with a hardness between 58 and 60 HRC. Though it’s forged in Pakistan (not in Texas, like I’d thought), the knife feels solid and is beautifully balanced. The clip point is also incredibly versatile.

The blade’s high carbon content makes it resistant to damage and wear—a fact which I tested personally, using it to cut veggies, gut a salmon, slice paracord, and cut open a dozen boxes. Even after all this, the blade showed no signs of damage, and it held its sharp edge very well.

When you choose the Flip box, you get to select the knife handle that suits you best:

The handles all feel very well-crafted and are easy to grip securely through any task, even when wet. The lock-back mechanism makes it easy to close (not exactly one-handed, though you can manage it with some struggle).

Plus, the Flip kit also includes tuning rod to keep your Damascus steel blade razor-sharp, and a badass-looking leather sheath that is tough-as-nails and gives you a convenient place to holster your knife within easy reach. The sheath is thick cowhide finished with a glossy coating, but it will look more beautiful as it develops a patina with age. The hand-sewn nylon lining also helps to protect your handle from scuffs and damage, even giving it a little polish every time you put it away/pull it out.

I’m thrilled to add this knife to my collection, and I can’t wait to take it on my next camping trip.

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Bring some class to your morning routine.


Sound and supplies for wherever you’re going.


A roomy portable cooler for your next summer hangout.

My Overall Thoughts on Bespoke Post

After testing all these boxes and seeing what’s inside, I’ve come up with a few thoughts that I want to share with you at the end of my review.

Let’s start off with the good:

Now for the few cons:

Overall, as you’ve seen by my review above, Bespoke Post blew me away. I’m excited to see what other boxes I receive in the rest of my yearly subscription—so stay tuned for future updates!