Who doesn’t love treehouses? Even as adults, we just can’t shake off the nostalgic charm of our childhood memories of them. Unless you grew up in the city amid concrete buildings, these hand-built wooden shelters were a staple whenever there are trees around. For those who want to experience what it’s like to be inside one, book a stay at the Bert.

Penned by Precht, these tubular dwellings are a modern take on the traditional treehouse. There are a total of four currently available for guests to stay in. You can find the Bert as an extra attraction at the Steirereck am Pogusch restaurant in Austria. These rise amid a lush forest, which adds to its mystical appeal.

Although these towering structures are technically not affixed to an actual tree, their whimsical outlines resemble one. These cylindrical plans stand on concrete foundations for exceptional stability. Winding staircases lead you inside the multi-level volumes with certain sections that branch outward.

Some spaces hold bedrooms, while others have balconies that overlook the verdant landscapes. The design firm notes that the Bert treehouses are modular. Depending on what a client needs, these cross-laminated timber (CLT) sections boast almost endless configurations.

“We know that buildings like Bert are not the path forward on a big scale, but I think as an industry, we need to dare more, try more and experiment more towards a more diverse future of our cities,” according to Precht. Therefore, if your property is big enough to accommodate these prefabricated pieces, the studio will come up with a blueprint for your dream treehouse.

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Bert overlooking view Bert balcony Bert window Bert living area Bert Aerial ShotImages courtesy of Precht