Homes with vistas of bodies of water are generally more appealing to owners and potential buyers. It could be rivers, lakes, seas, or oceans, the sight of these can be inspirational and relaxing. The Bermagui Beach House is situated on a clifftop that overlooks its namesake’s popular Blue Pools. It’s in a coastal town in New South Wales.

Originally, what stood in its place was a “weatherboard shack” which Winter Architecture “relocated down the road to make way for the next chapter.” According to the studio, “We designed a new home drawing on the clients’ long-held connection to the place, while refining the informal character of the classic Australian beach house.”

Now standing in the original structure’s place is a modern minimalist building clad in timber. The Bermagui Beach House’s façade draws influences from the surrounding landscape. Overall, the theme conveys a lifestyle appropriate for the area. A locale with beaches, natural flora, and plenty of sunshine most of the time.

Aside from the wooden aesthetics of its exterior, the interiors enjoy plenty of natural lighting. Large glass windows in key sections of the Bermagui Beach House ensure adequate illumination throughout the day. sliding screens and other openings across its three volumes helps with ventilation and add a sense of openness.

The layout of the dwelling designates each plan specifically for guests, sleeping, and living. A tonal motif adorns the spaces within as lighter shades of brown and gray interplay with white. The mix of textures further enhances the aesthetic appeal of the rooms, Overall, the Bermagui Beach House promotes a serene atmosphere ideal for a holiday home.

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Images courtesy of Winter Architecture