Whenever Bentley unveils something new, it’s bound to be exclusive to a few units or a limited production run annually. Its discerning clientele are typically informed ahead of time by insiders which provides them with a headstart when comes to reservations. The fact that the team at Mulliner is involved, means all examples of the new Batur Convertible are extremely likely to be spoken for already.

Even when the British marque sells out everything, automotive aficionados can’t help but admire the luxurious craftsmanship, elegant design, and outstanding performance of these machines. The Batur model was originally unveiled in 2022. Coachbuilt by Mulliner, all 18 were presented as coupes ready for personalization by their eager owners.

Just recently, Bentley announced plans to finally retire its flagship W12. They are replacing the legendary internal combustion engine with a slightly eco-friendly V8 powertrain dubbed the Ultra Performance Hybrid. The Batur Convertible is a fitting platform to showcase traditional motoring at its finest.

With a staggering output of 740 horsepower and 737 lb-ft of twist, it matches what its predecessor can deliver. The hardtop version was and still is a stunner, but we can’t deny the cabriolet variant exudes a different type of appeal. Experience exhilarating drives with the roof stowed away as long as the conditions are favorable.

Bentley says it can deploy or retract the top in 19 seconds, even at speeds of 90 mph. Those lucky enough to secure a Batur Convertible are considered the rare few to drive “the first true convertible car in Mulliner’s modern coachbuilding era.” Aerodynamics have been tweak to accommodate its configuration.

In the press images, the prototype vehicle sports a Vermillion Gloss exterior with accents rendered in carbon fiber. The two-seat cockpit sparkles with rose gold hardware to contrast the opulent upholstery and other premium materials. Each Batur Convertible is carefully curated by Bentley’s Mulliner group together with the buyer to create something bespoke.

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Images courtesy of Bentley Motors