Any chef or culinary creator knows that meal preparation and presentation require only the best knives the market has to offer. Oregon-based outfitter Benchmade continues to impress with its vast collection of cutlery blades and its latest offering, a 3-piece set in Camo Copper Fatcarbon, combines both stunning aesthetics and function.

For starters, the set features an eye-catching design that pays homage to Oregon state’s Three Sisters volcanoes. The set features laser-engraved topo lines on the blade that are inspired by the trio’s volcanic peaks. The drop point blades themselves are guaranteed to be strong and durable. They are laser-cut from sheets of high-grade steel and in this case, from CPM-154 blade steel.

This powder-metal version of the conventional 154CM has a finer microstructure with smaller carbide particles than its counterpart, which results in enhanced toughness and strength.  The blade is then fortified with black DLC coating beneath the topographical lines. Then there’s the handle. Benchmade equipped this 3-piece Cutlery Set in Camo Copper Fatcarbon produced in various patterns and colors. This is a specialized carbon fiber composite that gives the handle its ultralight strength and unique design.

Benchmade complemented the scales with dark copper PVD-coated bolster rings. This limited-edition cutlery set includes a premium Chef Knife, Utility Knife, and Paring Knife. These are fixed blades and so they come with hard sheaths that also sport the same topo lines on the blade. Meticulously assembled by hand, the set is only limited to 100 pieces, making “every knife in this beautiful set is a culinary masterpiece.”

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Images courtesy of Benchmade