Some of us here at Men’s Gear has been keeping up with our New Year’s resolution to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As such, we have been following a regimen the cuts back our intake of carbohydrates and sugars. It’s a pity that some of us here with a sweet tooth have to give up a lot of awesome snacks and desserts. However, we are now facing a dilemma as Ben & Jerry’s partners with WhistlePig to bring us the Whiskey Biz.

Unless it’s a matter of life or death, nobody in their right might would say no to ice cream. It goes the same for us as well with a taste for the amber blend. The Whiskey Biz is just one of the many flavor combinations available for Ben & Jerry’s Topped lineup. Meanwhile, WhistlePig continues to produce awesome Rye whisky that has a legion of fans.

Therefore, a collaboration between these two lauded brands will surely attract a lot of publicity. The product page describes it as follows: “WhistlePig & Ben & Jerry’s share a commitment to sourcing the highest quality ingredients, and this pairing of blondies in brown butter bourbon ice cream swirled with WhistlePig Whiskey-infused caramel belongs on the top shelf of your freezer.

For those who love whisky, you’ll know that it pairs wonderfully with desserts. Chocolate is one of those treats that when consumed along with a sip of your favorite blend, tickles your taste buds just the right way. For the Whiskey Biz, you get to enjoy a wonderful mix of blonde brownies, white chocolatey ganache, white fudge chunks, and brownies in your brown butter bourbon ice cream. Looks like our diet will have to start over another time.

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Images courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s / WhistlePig Whiskey