When architect Toshihiro Oki was commissioned to create a weekend retreat intended to be a social gathering place away from New York City, he chose to utilize clay bricks and glass to maximize the inclusion of the surrounding landscape and forest as well as the direct view of the Great South Bay.

The walls of this sprawling Bellport House, located on the south side of Long Island, are built thick, using the natural properties of the brick to withstand the salty breeze and the winter weather of New York. The open vein-cut travertine slabs of the floors are fitted with radiant heat for even temperature maintenance throughout the year.

There are five bedrooms in the Bellport House with four on the main floor and the master bedroom along with its roof deck comprising the second floor. Each bedroom has floor to ceiling glass to display a different scenic view from each of them. The house sits on a lot over 86,000 square feet (8,000 sqm) and includes manicured lawns, old-growth forest, gardens, and a large rectangular pool.

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