Normally seen in parks, amusements centers, and your typical cheesy romance flick, the pedal boat does not really stand out much. These human-powered watercraft are normally made constructed out of fiberglass, ABS plastic, and other lightweight materials. Beau Lake, on the other hand, offers a product that sports classy craftsmanship and superior quality.

Clad in a navy coat alongside the elegant mahogany or maple wood panels that adorn its deck–this $20,000 leisure craft is sure to attract attention and envy from onlookers as you cruise along in style. This upscale pedal boat even comes with a built-in cooler that’s seamlessly integrated into the aft section—perfect for drinks or even bait if you want to go fishing. An additional storage locker can be found under the bow area as well.

Each seat comes with a padded foam contoured cushion upholstered in leather for extra style and comfort. A hand-carved wooden tiller is positioned in the center for steering, while its UV-protected windscreen is made of smoked acrylic. For easier transport and storage, the propeller can also be lifted up. We can already imagine a perfect weekend getaway aboard this beauty as we lazily float along with cold refreshments in tow.

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Photos courtesy of Beau Lake