Aside from the constant bickering of audiophiles, almost every tech-savvy consumer now owns Bluetooth headphones or earbuds. Over the years, true wireless models are gaining even more ground with Apple leading the charge. The Cupertino-based tech group’s subsidiary Beats by Dre is dropping a new collaborative product this week. Check out the Melody Ehsani Powerbeats Pro!

This partnership is a match made in heaven given the Los Angeles fashion designer’s name is somewhat in tune with the brand. What we like about Beats by Dre’s approach with this TWS entry is how it addresses a common issue that plagues most earbuds. Wired or not, these tend to fall out during workouts or daily activities.

Just like the standard version, the Melody Ehasani Powerbeats Pro features integrated earhooks. No matter how snug or loose the silicone tips are, these won’t fall out while in use. Currently, these are only available in three hues: Navy, Black, and Ivory. As such, the partnership with the style icon adds an exclusive colorway.

Instead of matching both buds, they’re going for a vibrant multi-tone motif. The left one flaunts a light pink body and red earhook, while the right is in lime green with a navy blue earhook. The driver housing and tips are in light pink, while the charging case is in purple. The Ehsani Powerbeats Pro also has text that reads “IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOU’RE TOO CLOSE” just beside the Beats logo.

“Music has been such an integral part of my life and has inspired my designs and my inner work,” states Ehasani. “I am honored to give the world a new vehicle for creativity and self-expression with this collaboration.” The Beats x Melody Ehasani Powerbeats Pro will launch this weekend.

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Images courtesy of Beats by Dre/Melody Ehsani