In our never-ending pursuit of the coolest stuff, we regularly check for new concepts from prominent designers. Our efforts pay off once again as we are treated to another futuristic two-wheeler from Shane Baxley. Dubbed the BAX Moto MK3, this mean machine has textbook sci-fi written all over it. We really need to see digital works like it become reality.

So far, established motorcycle marques prefer blueprints made in-house. Perhaps they can borrow bits here and there from Baxley’s stunning lineup of electric motorcycles. To be specific, we hope they can build a superbike that pays tribute to the menacing profile of the BAX Moto MK3.

The blend of curves with sharp edges give the BAX Moto MK3 a sporty outline. Its tubular frame and body panels protect the battery along with the electric motor. A quick peek just behind the upside-down forks show cooling fins for superior heat dissipation. Also, its turn signals are mounted on winglets for each side.

Then there are the clip-on handlebars with bar-end rear-view mirrors and a triple-headlight array at the front. A single round digital instrument unit keeps tabs on everything going on. Meanwhile, the fairings of the BAX Moto MK3 that flank this section makes it look even more intimidating. Judging by the bobber style seat, expect an aggressive riding position on this bad boy.

We can likewise make out sections with the graphics that read “LIGHTWORKER” on the electric superbike. We’re guessing it might be an alias for the BAX Moto MK3. To provide reliable stopping power, Brembo disc brakes adorn the front wheel. Finally, the rear wheel is mounted to a mono-shock swingarm. Too bad we can only guess how badass this would be in reality.

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Images courtesy of Shane Baxley