As a contractor, how would you approach a project that needs to be built on a location with beautiful natural backdrops? Most of you would probably agree that the key here is to engage the senses. This helps make it a memorable experience for people. We believe this is exactly what Brearley Architects & Urbanists (BAU) had in mind for the Yuandang Pedestrian Bridge.

This infrastructure is an artistic expression that highlights the beauty of China’s Yuandang Lake and its surroundings. Normally, most professionals will design these in a way that gets you from point A to point B in the shortest time possible.

Yuandang Pedestrian Bridge Cover

Instead, this footwalk snakes across the waters to connect the province of Jiangsu with Shanghai. The Yuandang Pedestrian Bridge spans 1,920 feet with the walkways elevated by Y-shaped steel support columns. To encourage those who pass through to take their time and enjoy the views, there are plants that line the middle of the paths.

BAU refers to it as a “hybrid structure” and we can see why. Shrubs and trees make it look like a floating garden given the gentle flow of water below. Instead of a uniform width, there are sections that extend up to 20 feet. It probably allows folks to stop and take in the sights without affecting foot traffic.

Cyclists can also use a dedicated path for their two-wheelers. When you reach the midpoint, there’s a pavilion with an interactive art installation for visitors to explore. The Yuandang Pedestrian Bridge is a fascinating example of how we can occasionally take a break from the conventional that offers unique experiences.

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Images courtesy of Brearley Architects & Urbanists/Runzi Zhu