Although there are no major events slated to celebrate or award the world’s best spirits anytime soon, there’s no reason not to enjoy a sip or two during this downtime. If you’re taking a break from the usual Scotch or Irish whiskeys in your cabinet, Barrel Craft Spirits is launching the Private Release Rye Series.

Those who are used to the distinct tasting notes of bourbon, which is generally sweeter, lighter, and smoother, might find this American whiskey a tad bolder in every aspect. You can say it’s an acquired appreciation after you’ve sampled a fair share of excellent labels like the ones from the blender in question here.

Like how people eventually yearn for stronger characteristics in their alcoholic beverages, the Private Release Rye Series delivers something that will delight the senses of longtime drinkers and perhaps surprise others new to rye whiskeys. Barrel Craft Spirits even provides a bit of insight as to how it all comes together.

As noted by reports, it features a mix of rye whiskeys sourced from Canada and Indiana. Unfortunately, it was not indicated which labels were involved but insiders hinted at Alberta Distillers and MGP respectively. This age statement is around five to six years old with 10 distinct casks used to age the entire Private Release Rye Series.

The barrels previously held Madeira, cognac, sherry, rum, bourbon, Sauternes and more. As such, it would be awesome to own the entire collection. Barrel Craft Spirits will ship only 150 to 180 bottles of each expression priced at approximately $110. Enjoy this neat, on the rocks, or even in a cocktail.

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Images courtesy of Barrel Craft Spirits