Barr Al Jissah is a spectacular luxury resort, excellently positioned on a strip of land that extends from the rugged Al Hajar Mountains and into the clear Gulf of Oman. As the country’s first Integrated Tourism Resort (ITC), it holds all the irresistible allure of Middle Eastern luxury, but with none of the overwhelming business of cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Secluded and tranquil, Barr Al Jissah is all about pristine beaches, dramatic mountains, stunning desert landscapes and sunny winters. The establishment is part of the Oman Government’s plan to help reduce the country’s economic dependence on oil. It represents a unique property investment category, which is open to local and foreign buyers alike, the latter automatically receiving residency rights with the purchase.

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A number of private homes and villas accompany the tourist-oriented resort. The first few were made available for purchase back in 2009, and now eleven additional townhomes plus five private villas have been released in 2016. Prices start at 1.5 million Omani Rials, which is around 3.9 million US Dollars.

Located cliff-side, the villas are gorgeous two-story residences with over 7,400 square feet of lavishly appointed spaces. They also boast double-height ceilings, marble floors, Jacuzzi baths, SieMatic kitchens, and private terraces and granite swimming pools. Homeowners at Barr Al Jissah enjoy three-year memberships to the resort and its amazing facilities, including the spa and fitness center.

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