Bang & Olufsen’s audio products are some of the most stunning out there. The Danish company’s lineup blends an eye for design with exceptional acoustics and premium materials. If you need to upgrade your entertainment setup at home, the Beosound Theatre is the upmarket option available for discerning consumers. Its refined aesthetics will endow any room with a splash of luxury.

As TVs gradually become even slimmer, sound quality takes a huge hit. Our demand for razor-thin panels with little to no bezels pushes manufacturers to switch to smaller speakers. There are others that bundle a separate audio unit like a soundbar to compensate instead.

If generic models are not up to par with your tastes, the Beosound Theatre likely will. Bang & Olufsen is crafting it out of aluminum, fabric, and solid oak.  These are not only for style but for sustainability as well. You can pair it with a TV, smartphone, tablet, and other compatible devices.

The product page suggests we “combine it with a 55”, 66” or 77” LG screen for a truly cinematic experience.” Connectivity options include Bluetooth 5.1, Wi-Fi, three HDMI ports with CEC, one HDMI with eARC, Ethernet, and a 3.5 mm. The Beosound Theatre’s proximity sensors light up the top-mounted controls when you are near.

No need to toggle physical switches or buttons with the intuitive glass touch panel. Even when the TV is not in use, the Beosound Theatre functions as your high-fidelity Bluetooth speaker. Bang & Olufsen says its 12 speaker drivers can easily fill rooms up to 600 square feet with immersive audio. 

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Images courtesy of Bang & Olufsen