It is rare for a company to be lauded in such a way that their products can be found in prestigious museums all over the world. Bandit9 is one such company.

Their unique futuristic design philosophy that is just on the edge of being retro, along with their uncompromising technical prowess, propels them at the forefront of producing singular works of art and machinery.

Bandit9’s latest offering is the Odyssey – a motorcycle with a monolithic chassis constructed from 904L steel, and finished with a memory foam seat covered in Italian leather. Borrowing from aircraft design, a transparent LED display serves as the nexus of information projected from below the tank, which then disappears when turned off. Unsurprisingly, Odyssey holds only the top of the line components: Beringer brakes, Borrani rims, Marzocchi forks…

The monolithic steel shell can hold either a dual-drive electric engine or a 1400cc v-twin engine.

Unfortunately, only nine Odysseys will ever be manufactured, but hopefully, some other company will absorb valuable lessons from Bandit9’s unique blend of design philosophy and high standard of machining.

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