Bamford Watch Department unveils a slew of perfect summer watches, in gauzy, pastel-drowned colorways, no less. This lineup, part of the new Bamford Mayfair Sport evolution, comes enclosed in a rugged polymer case. The matching dial and rubber strap complete the whole look.

Bamford says this new design makes an impression all year round, and to be fair, pastel is in season. We’re not sure how long that’s going to last, though. Perhaps fall would ring in a darker, more gothic sensibility. Even still, these new watches look great. They add a fun pop of color if you’re lacking a little tinge in your streetwear swatch.

The watch is water resistant up to 10ATM, which means it’ll survive if you’re in the middle of a walk trip and a rain spell pours down. The rubber strap, apart from its lavish colorway, comes with a unique wickerway function. The watch also features LumiNova indices and a steel core. It’s not called Sport for nothing, after all.

The original Mayfair watch began life as Bamford Watch Department’s service watch, but soon the timepiece shot to popularity. Customers love it for its hassle-free, straightforward, and simplistic aesthetic. That’s why Bamford London created the Mayfair sub-brand. Since its launch in 2017, Bamford London has added the Bamford Mayfair Date to the Mayfair lineup.

This Mayfair Sport model will be available for just a month exclusively at MR PORTER starting May 15. That is, before general release. It is expected to retail for £350.