If we do not take action, climate change will just worsen over time and eventually cause devastation. Extreme weather patterns, rising sea levels, and animal deaths are just some of the effects researchers have observed. Instead of a huge motor yacht, affluent folks can opt for sustainable alternatives like the Zemi by Baltic Yachts.

Here is a sleek sloop that measures 109 feet long and flaunts a 24.9-foot beam to provide owners with ample room for customization. Its all-carbon construction equates to an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio. The composite material is typically seen on smaller vessels and some PWCs, but there is no limitation to how big builders can go.

The Finnish yard enlists Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design as the naval architect behind this eco-friendly hull. Meanwhile, Andreas Martin-Löf Arkitekter is responsible for the interior design of the Zemi. As indicated above, it can cruise solely on wind power alone on a good day, but it also includes a backup electric propulsion system in place.

To be specific, on board the sailing yacht is a Danfoss motor powered by lithium-ion batteries. It’s hooked up to a traditional shaft to drive the propeller. It likewise doubles as a generator when the wind takes over to recharge the batteries. Unfortunately, the presence of twin 129 kW Cummins diesel generators means it’s not completely emission-free.

Elsewhere, the interiors are lavish enough to please the most discerning clients with heavy use of natural tones. The stern features a versatile transom system that folds out into a beach club. The aft section also comes with a garage to hold a tender. Overall, the Zemi is a fine example of how shipbuilders can incorporate green technology with traditional means of propulsion to reduce a vessel’s carbon footprint.

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Images courtesy of Baltic Yachts