As a MensGear reader, you expect the best. And you probably like whiskey as much as we do. That’s why we thought you should know about one of the finest whiskeys in the world: Balcones Whisky($70,00+). And, no, it doesn’t come from Scotland or Japan or Bourbon County, but from under a bridge in Waco, Texas. Pronounced Bal-cone-ees, this superb spirit was born five years ago in Texas, in an old welding shop-turned distillery, and has already won Whisky Magazine’s Craft Distillery of the Year 2014, plus 39 other national and international awards from the world’s top judges and critics. This is one of only a handful of the new craft distillers that is making whiskey with passion, using equipment built with their own hands.

So far, Balcones offers 7 delightful whiskeys, and they show no signs of slowing down. Try the ‘Balcones Texas Malt Whisky’ with notes of sauteed pears and ripe fruit, or ‘True Blue’- a unique corn whiskey made from roasted Atole, a blue corn meal. Or ‘Brimstone’- the world‘s first wood smoked whiskey, or ‘Rumble’- made from the finest local wildflower honey and mission figs. Oh, and we must mention ‘True Blue 100’ with its rich notes of honeyed citrus, stone fruit and cinnamon. And, of course, our favorite: the ‘Rumble Cask Reserve’-unfiltered and at full barrel proof. Feel free to add water if you want … we like our water separate.


baby-blue balcones whisky

rumble balcones whisky

brimstone balcones