The Baker Boys Beach House by Refresh Design is the perfect holiday home for beach lovers and surfing enthusiasts alike. Located in Minjerribah, North Stradbroke Island, the home is reminiscent of the beach shack vernacular. It has an arrangement that encourages time spent outdoors instead of indoors, like camping.

The design incorporates the qualities of long-term camping so it serves as a shelter. It doesn’t have the limitations or characteristics of a conventional house. Sleeping spaces and service facilities are confined in “pods.” This means cooking, gathering, and sleeping all happen under one large tarpaulin. The “tarp” in this sense refers to the elegant butterfly roof that highlights the sense of lightness and enhances connections to the sky. 

The Baker Boys Beach House is a single-story home that sits on a very steep slope. Thus, it has to be anchored well to the ground through the back part that connects to the adjoining bushland. Meanwhile, the front or other end of the house has a 4.5m cantilevered front deck that provides sweeping views of the sea beyond. It also has a covered space for parking and storage facilities. 

The island location of the house called for the use of a pre-manufactured structural steel skeleton in its construction. This was then transported on-site for installation and for the structures to be bolted together. Builders, engineers, and Refresh Design had to diligently coordinate with each other on the location of trusses within walls to minimize the structural steel member sizes. 

As for its interior finishing, the Baker Boys Beach House uses a mixture of wood, tiles, and concrete to complement the bushland topography. Meanwhile, glass windows provide natural lighting and ventilation.   

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Images courtesy of Refresh Design