Now that marijuana consumption is becoming more accepted – and not far from being legalized (ooh!)- it’s the perfect time to reinvent pot smoking paraphernalia. At least, that’s what the guys behind the Aura Water Pipe ($TBA) think.

Designed by a group of students (who else?) from Western Washington University, Aura is a fancy looking, solid waterpipe, ment to replace your dirty old bong. It’s made of stainless steel, super-tough PCABS plastic, and brass components – so it won’t break easily – with parts that can be disassembled for replacing or cleaning. Heck, the entire thing is dishwasher safe!

Apart from the good looks, the Aura Pipe also aims to improve the functionality of a regular bong, featuring a long stem for cleaner smoke, an ergonomic mouthpiece that doubles as lighter storage, and a brass bowl that takes the hassle out of loading “the matter”. Just don’t get too excited, you beautiful stoners, as Aura is not yet available for sale but there’s a patent pending and hopefully it will see production day soon! Details in the video

Aura Water Pipe 1

Aura Water Pipe 2

Aura Water Pipe 3

Aura Water Pipe 4

Aura Water Pipe 5

Aura Water Pipe 6

Aura Water Pipe 7