If you struggle with getting enough sleep or dozing off at night then let the Aura Circle Sleep Mask help. It allows you to create your own personal sleep sanctuary through the combination of cutting-edge technology and soothing soundscapes that will transport you to dreamland in no time. 

Sleep is essential for our body and mind to repair, restore, and re-energize so we wake up feeling happy and well-rested. This smart sleep mask is designed to cater to all kinds of sleepers: light sleepers, insomniacs, or wellness-oriented sleepers. It lets you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer using soundscapes, light therapy, ASMR, and more.

The Aura Circle Sleep Mask adapts to the ideal darker environment for sleeping using 100% blackout fabric. No light of any form penetrates when you put it over your eyes. The mask is also comfortable to wear as it has zero eye pressure, is a side sleeper and eyelash friendly, and is feather-light at just 4.58 oz. The mask uses a hand-washable Hug 3D memory foam eye cushion that attaches magnetically for a leak-free seal but still has room for blinking. 

The mask has a built-in speaker where you can zone off to soundscapes coming from the Aura Dreamscape app, which offers light therapy-enhanced guided meditation, ASMR, and relaxing nature sounds from renowned nature sound recordist Marc Anderson, who traveled the globe to capture unique audio from the great outdoors. 

The Aura Circle Sleep Mask offers over an hour of Anderson’s immersive recordings to help you escape to dreamland. Its Sunrise Wakeup feature delivers a gradual increase in light to prevent the shock that can happen after removing the mask. 

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Images courtesy of Aura Circle