Japan’s Audio-Technica has just replaced their flagship cans with an even greater and more technically superior headphone. Rather than building upon an older design, the Audio-Technica ATH-ADX5000 Headphones ($1,999) have been newly designed from scratch.

Each of these hand-assembled headphones features an Alcantara cover for extra comfort and 58mm tungsten-coated drivers situated in the padded honeycomb-patterned ear cups that reduce air pressure. Inside, they have a new core mount technology that allows greater air flow and an enhanced diaphragm response giving better timing. The ADX5000 connect to your audio system via a 6N-OFC oxygen-free copper cable and a 6.3mm jack.

These ultra-high quality headphones are expectedly expensive but to protect such an equipment investment, they do come in a sturdy carrying case that is equal or better than most fancy luggage.