The Atomic Bear Fire Wand saves you time when it comes to setting up your campfire or bonfire. Lighting up is made easy with this wand that uses wax-infused hemp rope that ignites with a single spark.

It may resemble the hollow body of a pen but it serves its purpose. It gives a cumulative slow and steady burn time of 60 minutes and keeps your hand safe from burns with the fire at a safe distance. This way you can easily transport the flame to where you need to start a fire.

Moreover, unlike matchsticks and lighters, you don’t have to re-ignite to keep the flame going. You simply have to adjust or extend the length of the wick. You also have full control of the size of the flame once you fray the end of the hemp. When it comes to extinguishing the flame, you simply pull the rope inside its tube case. Aside from cigarette lighters, the Atomic Bear Fire Wand ignites with a ferrocerium rod, magnesium, matches, fire starter kit, and more.

Aesthetics-wise, this fire starter keeps up a minimalist and covert design. At first glance, you never know what it is about until you see the hemp rope and ignite it. It keeps the flame strong thanks to its black anodized aluminum sleeve that lets you safely carry the hot flame to your tinder.

The Atomic Bear Fire Wand is also compact and lightweight which makes it a great outdoor gear to add to your survival tool kit. It doesn’t reek of gas and the hemp is easily replaceable.

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Images courtesy of Atomic Bear