It may seem like the COVID-19 pandemic is over, but the World Health Organization has not made an official declaration. This means traces of infections remain substantial enough to warrant caution, but some restrictions are no longer imposed. For instance, we still see people wear masks in public places, which is probably why the Ai AirMask is up on Indiegogo.

At the height of SARS-CoV-2 infections, face masks became mandatory to control the rate of infections. We saw plenty of so-called groundbreaking developments, but most ended up as nothing but snake oil. Some were purely for style and the manufacturers made no attempt to claim otherwise. Now, it’s ATMOBLUE’s turn to promote its project.

The press kit describes the Ai AirMask as “a groundbreaking advance in personal health technology, poised for release in 2025. This isn’t a mere upgrade; it’s a transformation that merges superior air filtration with smart technology, clear communication via integrated Bluetooth, and a transparent, soft design for inclusive comfort.”

Available in two colorways, it’s equipped with an active purification system with advanced sensors. To ensure minimal chances of skin irritation, the Ai AirMask uses premium silicone. The see-through covering enhances communication via lip reading along with its AI-assisted Bluetooth microphone. Finally, health monitoring technology provides essential insights via a companion app.

As much as we don’t want to wear a face mask, its benefits can’t be ignored. Studies have shown a drastic reduction in the spread of respiratory diseases such as the common cold and other airborne contaminants. Also, you owe to yourself to breathe purified air when outside. The Ai AirMask would have been awesome if it came out earlier, but its unique selling points are worth your consideration.

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Images courtesy of ATMOBLUE Inc.