If you own a Nintendo Switch, there’s no doubt 8BitDo was on your radar. The company was founded in 2013 but rose to prominence over the years for its all-out support for the hybrid system. In fact, it loves to pay homage to the Japanese gaming group’s hardware. Their latest release is the Retro Mechanical Keyboard – an awesome treat for nostalgic gamers.

Similar to some of its older products, this new entry reimagines what a keyboard decked in Nintendo’s iconic colorways would look like. Given the overwhelmingly positive reception of their previous outings, we’re willing to bet units will be selling like hotcakes at launch.

As much as we’re excited to get our hands on one, it’s still currently in the preorder phase. Nonetheless, it’s not exactly a drawn-out waiting game as the Retro Mechanical Keyboard drops on September 20. With a little over a month left, it’s time to pick between the N Edition or Fami Edition.

The attention to detail on these input devices is outstanding as each version is a tribute to the NES or Famicom respectively. Those opting for the N Edition are in for shades of gray, red, and black, while the Fami Edition flaunts hues of gold, red, and black. The Retro Mechanical Keyboard features an 87-key layout.

In addition to the traditional wired connection, 8BitDo adds support for wireless 2.4G and Bluetooth. Support for n-key rollover makes it ideal for gaming. The 2,000 mAh battery promises around 200 hours on a single charge. A cool extra comes in the form of the Dual Super Buttons accessory. Sadly, the keys are not backlit.

Order yours now: Here

Images courtesy of 8BitDo