As smartphones are tasked with more duties and greater abilities, it is becoming clear that they are going to need as much RAM in them as our more traditional computers. Taiwanese information technology giant ASUS has gotten ahead of the curve with the unveiling of their latest concept smartphone, the ASUS ZenFone AR ($TBA) which will sport a full 8 gigabytes of RAM straight from the package!

The need for that extra RAM comes from several features it needs to support including Google’s Project Tango augmented reality cameras and Daydream Virtual reality. There are also four cameras; three in the back that make up the TriCam system needed by Project Tango. The 23 megapixel main camera has motion tracking and depth-sensing. Up front is an eight megapixel wide-angle selfie camera. All this extra workload is being handled by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 proccessor. In addition, the 4 cameras can be used in conjunction to produce a staggering 92-megapixel “super resolution” photo, with four times the clarity and less noise than a standard HD photo. ASUS hasn’t released pricing or a release date yet but experts believe this little powerhouse will be out before this new year is half done.