Are you due for a hardware upgrade this year? If so, Asus opens 2023 with a stellar lineup of devices for both productivity and gaming. Aside from the aesthetic revamp, their flagship lineup is likewise shipping with NVIDIA’s RTX 40 series GPUs. Apart from their computing products, consider an ergonomic addition to your setup with the ROG Destrier Ergo.

Depending on personal tastes, the aggressive futuristic styling of this gaming chair might not be for everyone. However, if your setup requires something sleek that will effortlessly match everything else, then ASUS’ latest entry needs to be in your shopping cart right now.

Under its Republic of Gamers catalog, buyers can expect top-notch quality and performance. Since gaming or working often calls for long hours of sitting, we might as well splurge for equipment which delivers exceptional comfort.

The ROG Destrier Ergo is nothing short of remarkable as it provides support in all the right places with a wide range of adjustments. ASUS also outfits the lightweight yet robust aluminum frame with a mesh cradle and PU foam components.

To enhance immersion during gameplay, the headrest comes with a removable acoustic panel. When you plan to watch videos or play on your smartphone and other handheld devices, ASUS includes a nifty feature. Its padded armrests can rotate 360 degrees, slide forward or backward, and rise up to 5.5 inches.

The latter keeps your elbows in the ideal position to hold the screen at eye level. ASUS offers the ROG Destrier Ergo in black only. It should easily withstand a maximum load of around 330 lbs. The five-star aluminum alloy base is outfitted with 75 mm PU casters for smooth mobility.

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Images courtesy of ASUS